The Basics

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

Though not mandatory to successfully apply our services to your business, you may be interested to know how it all works.

Understanding how the elements fit together to best serve your business while also having a good grasp of HOW the internet can go to work FOR you (even while you’re sleeping) makes the process of liaising with your SEO expert more enjoyable.  Also empowering you with enough knowledge to communicate with each other more freely.

As time goes by and the world becomes even MORE digital and automated, this type of information is invaluable.

While the basic principles of business remain constant, the application of them (as they apply to an online platform) needs education and naturally has a learning curve.

As you’re probably well aware; in every business there’s a proven 80/20 rule.

80% of results are brought about by just 20% of FOCUSED effort.

The problem most people have is knowing exactly WHERE to focus that 20% – and let’s face it, time is our most precious commodity.

So with that in mind, we can show you exactly WHERE to invest that 20% EFFORT to get yourself a return of 80%.

We at maorSEO are often disappointed that many companies charge exorbitant amounts of money for services that people could easily do themselves – if they only knew HOW.

The good news is, that we can train YOU to do what SEO companies charge between $80 – $200 per hour for.

PLUS We make it so simple that you could teach your teenager to do it.

There are options in some of our packages for you to have permanent access to simple step-by-step training.

This training is SEO for beginners. Tasks so straightforward that you can take control of any on-going SEO maintenance required to get you to the TOP of Google – and KEEP you there.

The SEO Supremacy Course has been designed with you (the everyday person) in mind. It’s designed to be simple, logical, easy to understand and easy to execute whilst giving you a priceless educational tool that you can apply over and over again.

With this training you have many options:

1. Empower yourself by absorbing and applying it yourself.
2. Share it with your work-from-home partner or teenager to learn and apply for the benefit of your family business.
3. Teach your PA, receptionist or part-time blog writer to take care of your SEO.

The beauty of owning the SEO training (6 x 15min step-by-step videos) is that if an employee leaves, you have the training on-hand for someone else.

The key here is that regardless of when you purchase it, you own this training for life.
Note: If we ever update it, rest assured that you will always have easy access to any upgrades and we will always notify you anytime this occurs.

To best understand what’s going on beyond your computer screen and HOW it all fits together, please click below.T