Please explain to me what you do –

We want your website as FAST, HIGHLY RANKED & purchase SAFE as it can possibly be – across ALL online platforms. If you purchase our PLATINUM PACK (which includes MEGA BONUSES), and implement the EASY training steps, together we can get you to the top FAST.

To help you achieve this, we provide the following ANALYSIS, SECURITY & TRAINING services.

1. We empower you with a detailed ANALYSIS REPORT on your website or blogsite so you can see where your business might be leaking profit.

2.We get your business physically FOUND FAST (by your local customers) on Google Maps.

3.We show you who your competition is and give you an EASY step-by step strategy (with shortcuts) to OUTRANK them.

4. We can literally save you THOUSANDS of $$$ per year in ongoing SEO by training you like a pro.

5. We make your online ‘shop’ INSTANTLY & recognisably SAFE for people to buy from, ensuring their instant trust.

Note: The above services can all be purchased separately, please click on each one to view in more detail.

Your success matters to us

MAOR SEO is an independent web analysis company that’s passionate about helping people to get FOUND on GOOGLE.

We’re also COMPLETELY NEUTRAL. In fact we’re so neutral you could think of us as ‘Switzerland’. 

We believe in never criticizing any other business, person or service they provide. We also understand that the very best experts in the world in any field can often miss a few things – and this is what our sophisticated data often shows when we run our website analysis checks.

We keep our opinions to ourselves and let the facts speak for themselves. We use the EXACT SAME SEO analysis software as Apple, IBM, Toshiba, SIEMENS, Intel and other business giants. We put our money where our mouth is by using this software to continually check in on our own work.

A website and online web campaign (which includes social media etc) is a bit like a musical instrument, it continually needs tuning and fine tuning. Every musician knows that their perfectly tuned instrument will need tuning EACH time he plays it. With this in mind, a perfectly performing brand new website, will STILL need regular check ups and ‘tunings’ to keep it at peak performance.

Our Detailed Analysis Reports are intended to empower our clients while positively ASSISTING them to work WITH their current Web / SEO / Online Service provider so that together they can make any necessary adjustments. 

We see that ultimately, we all have the same end goal of getting our client (you) FOUND and well represented online.

We are passionate in the pursuit of continually upgrading and up-skilling ourselves so we can always source the very best and latest software which helps us to bring our clients the MOST valuable data they can use to further the success of their business.

We believe in holding the keys to our OWN BUSINESS SUCCESS and the right to drive our business ‘vehicle’ wherever we want at any time. We believe in the right to choose whether we go fast or slow and to evolve at our own pace.

We believe in always having access to any crucial information (statistics) regarding the success of our business and having the CHOICE to drive our car – or pay a driver to take us where we want to go.

Congratulations !

You are amongst the very SMALL percent of people that are brave or savvy enough to ask and to learn…

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But i had a GREAT person build my WEBSITE…I also PAY to have my SEO professionally taken care of

Excellent. It’s great you’ve already got something in place. In your case, getting a site analysis is a smart way for you to do a little check-up on your current service. It’s a small cost to see if your people are doing the best job they can for you.

You’d be surprised at just how many holes we find in SEO ‘EXPERT’ campaigns – and there can be a few reasons for this:

1. They’re doing their best (and taking your money) – but they simply don’t KNOW what we know.

2. They did a brilliant job getting you to the top at the beginning of securing your business, but they’re not putting in the same or correct effort continuously – and you’re still paying them.

3. They haven’t upgraded their knowledge in a while .. and your rankings have DROPPED and NEW competitors coming in have kicked you out of your former top spot – OR you’re ranked high in the wrong places – and yep.. they’re still taking your money!

This is why the ULTIMATE BACKLINK REPORT  is such a good tool to have in your kit.

With an ANALYSIS, you can choose to do a check in every 3 to 6 months – you give them the report and tell them “OK, these things need fixing…

This will keep them on their toes… or you can choose to shop around for new people now that you know what you know.


It’s an excellent starting point. We’ve been told by our customers that it provides them with a sense of relief that they can finally KNOW exactly WHY their beautiful looking site may not be working for them.

Great web designers are not usually (in fact rarely) SEO experts and if you think about it… car designers are not necessarily good mechanics – just as architects don’t specialise in the actual physical building of houses.

On that note … Anyone who has built a house knows first hand that a builder/carpenter or tradesperson will often tell you that certain design aspects (or materials) of the house plans are not possible, or need adjusting. In this respect, a website is really no different, and without GOOD SEO having your specific customers FIND you can be likened to looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack.

We can help you with this.

We’re basically giving your ‘online vehicle’ a check up or an assessment for you to see if it needs a service. You already expect to do this periodically with your car, knowing the importance of things like proper wheel alignment.. Make sure your website is steering you TOWARDS more customers and sales, and not away from.

Once you have this crucial information in hand, you can decide what to do from there to fix any leaks or holes that may be found.

The best part is that we’re passionate about what we do, we see it as a rewarding person to person service. Our philosophy is that by helping a family or independent business we help them receive MORE $$$ and in turn they can experience a better quality of life.

We’d be honoured if you let our business help yours.

We’re MAOR, and we’re no shooting star.

We’ve been around the block and beyond for just over 20 years and we’ve helped companies all over the world change the face of how they appear in the marketplace.

We’ve seen niches and trends and ways of doing business come and go, and we’ve evolved alongside this ever changing world of commerce… which is (like it or not) moving more and more online.

SEO ANALYSIS (Reports and Self Training) is the latest service offered within our MAOR toolbox.

We invite you to visit for more on our history and other services.

We’ve got two decades of experience under out belt and our knowledge spans across the scope of advertising, graphic design, photography, print publishing, website building and SEO.

We think this gives us a solid understanding of the business from old school to current day and beyond.

We are always learning and constantly innovating, upgrading and reinventing ourselves when necessary.

We translate and simplify the language of the internet (techno-geek and speak) for the everyday person in business today – from traditional to non-traditional.
We looked around and saw that amongst all the SEO services offered, nobody seemed to be teaching people how to do this very important business skill – or at least not in any way that didn’t make out eyes glaze over and pass out with boredom.

If you own a car, I think you’d agree that it’s a very good idea to know how to put petrol in the tank, check the oil and water, change a tire and have a mechanical service expert on speed dial.

These are the basics to keep a vehicle running optimally each day and we wanted to show people how they could essentially be doing this with their ‘online vehicle‘ – which is as vital in business today, as having a car.

Let’s face it, lots of SEO companies do analysis.

Here’s TWO main areas where we differ:

1. We use the very SAME cutting edge, top of the line tools (software) that company giants like:, Master Card, IBM, Microsoft & Apple use.

2. We provide this data to our customers in a user friendly format with actionable intel. With our comprehensive report in your hands, you’re in the driver’s seat.

We want to put YOU in control and we’re always striving to help bridge that gap between the creatives, the everyday person in commerce and the technical whizz people who do all the online coding.